Business Analysis

We recognize potential.

Our responsibility is to create a requirements specification that not only covers all of the functional & technical requirements, but in turn leads to an optimal application solution for you, the customer. Irrelevant of whether you wish to use standard software, or a bespoke solution. We lay the foundations for efficient business processes through a solid requirements base.

Business Analysis

When others are floundering, we go that extra mile for you!

After capturing and compiling all of your business requirements, we supply you, as a foundation, a specification containing solution approaches covering all possible types of implementation. We serve as the first & only point-of-contact for all questions relating to development and test, allowing your visions to become reality. For the purpose of this we use our treasure trove of experience in complex IT projects and our profound and comprehensive industry knowledge. We will help you increase your competitiveness through our expertise.

The “Business Analysis” area of BARE Consulting covers the following services:

  • Capturing of both functional and technical requirements through stakeholder interviews.
  • Consolidation of the elicited requirements in an agreed document format.
  • Analysis of the existing IT landscape with regard to its ability to fulfil the requirements.
  • Use of industry knowledge to specify solution approaches.
  • Direct support for both software developers and test teams.

Requirements Engineering

We adapt and help you to optimize your software requirements.

There are many methods available to you in the process of developing software. Due to this we understand the necessity to adapt, to enable the creation of optimal building blocks for the management of your software requirements.

Requirements Engineering

The “Requirements Engineering” area of BARE Consulting covers the following services:

  • Process Consulting: Whether RUP or Agile we’ll help you choose the best for your needs.
  • Requirement Management Tooling: We’ll support you in search of the optimal RM tools for your purposes.
  • Requirements Engineering Coaching: Are the stakeholder requests optimally specified, broken down and connected? Can all the ‚actors’ work with these requirements without information loss or redundancy? Are all of your requirements traceable through all stages of the software development cycle? How do you safeguard the quality of your requirements? We can help your Business Analysts & Designers through our ‚best practice principles’.
  • Moderation and Coordination: If you are looking for a Scrum Master, look no further!

Security Consulting

We recognize the dangers and create secure solutions!

We understand the crucial role that security has to play in the modern IT world.  We will support you not only in the early recognition of these dangers, but also in the successful eradication of them.

Security Consulting

The “Security Consulting” area of BARE Consulting covers the following services:

  • Identity & Access Management (PKI & SSO)
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Risk Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Database / System Hardening
  • Coaching & Beratung

Application/Platform Design Service

We know the intricacies, and will deploy our know-how to your benefit!

Application and platform planning is our daily bread! The successful completion of such a complex process should not always be taken for granted. Bare Consulting services can offer you professional help on this bumpy road.

Application/Platform Design Service

The “Application/Platform Design Service” area of BARE Consulting covers the following services:

  • Components: We will help you to choose the correct combination of hardware, operating system, and middleware to match both your budget and  requirements.
  • Database: It doesn’t always have to be Oracle! We will help you to choose the database that matches your business and your requirements. We can help you create an optimal data model for your application, as well as safeguarding your data with proven backup & restore strategies
  • Applications: Product evaluation, tailored installation and configuration of standard applications.
  • Capacity planning: We will not only outline your current usage, but will help you in calculating your future requirements for storage (RAM & HDD), network bandwidth, application server and also load balancing.

From the outsourcing of individual tasks, to a comprehensive procurement project, we are here to help you!